Usa Hotels: The East Coast V/s The West Coast

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Anyone who has spent any length of time in the USA, will notice the cultural differences as one moves from the east to the west, as well as within these geographical boundaries. The great east coast v/s west coast debate has often been extended to the hotel industry as well. Do international hotel chains have a greater presence in the east coast than the west coast? Are the hotels in the east coast more or lesser green’ than those on the west coast? When is it time to grab the best deals on USA hotels on either coast?

Taking a stock of top-notch USA hotels, it can be concluded that the list cannot do without including luxury hotels run by some of the best-known international hotel chains. Hotel chains like Sheraton, Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt and Holiday Inn have a presence in all the major cities on the east and west coasts. The best hotels in San Francisco include the Grand Hyatt, Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf, Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, Hotel Monaco, and Marriot San Francisco. The best among the Las Vegas hotels include the Hilton Las Vegas, Best Western Mardi Gras, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, and Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino.

On the east coast, New York and Orlando have some of the most famous USA hotels. The finest Orlando hotels are the Grand Bohemian, Sheraton Vistana, Holiday Inn International, Orlando Marriott, and Gaylord Palms Hotel. New York is by far the most famous city in the USA. Sheraton New York hotels and tower, The Ritz Carlton New York, New York Marriott, and The Grand Hyatt are the major New York hotels.

Both the east and west coast have their fair share of green or Eco-friendly hotels. Each of these Eco-friendly USA hotels rank on the green score card based on their environment-friendly practices. Orlando hotels on the east coast also enjoy privilege in the Eco-friendly hotels’ circle, owing to hotels such as Embassy Suites Airport, Embassy Suites International Drive, Hyatt Regency Cypress Resort, and Rosen Shingle Creek, among others.

Some hotel chains with a nationwide presence have realized the importance of catering to gay couples, as more people declare their sexuality openly and prefer to stay in a hotel that is sensitive to their needs. San Francisco, the gay capital’ of the world is a natural leader in the matter of gay accommodation. The Kimpton Hotel group, a San Francisco based company, operates stylish, design-driven spa boutique hotels in major cities of the USA. IC’s Indigo brand is also set to woo the gay market in Las Vegas and New York.

With the recent spate of acquisitions and renovations in the hotels in San Francisco scene, the occupancy of these hotels has risen to over 80%. Even as prices soar, the bargains got off San Francisco Hotels are cheaper relative to hotels in New York at least in the winter months of January and December. End of year sell-out performances and hiked rates make New York hotels difficult to book than the ones is San Francisco, the reason being New York’s corporate identity pitted against San Francisco’s leisure value.

In conclusion it can be said that the US hotels on the east and west coasts complement each other to give travelers a composite experience during US tours.

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Get The Top 10 Usa Casino Hotels

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USA casinos are numerous but not all of them assure players a world class gaming experience and thrill at the end of the day. The USA hotel casinos are the best option for people having money to gamble and get the unlimited fun. Although everyone wants to try his/her luck at USA hotel casinos but does not have any clue about their reliability. In fact, some of the casino hotels offer customers a luxurious stay and exciting gaming experience that they won’t forget in their lifetime.
A USA casino hotel is the ultimate destination where travelers can get a feel of the world class betting experience. The kind of gaming excitement, thrill and passion that players go through while trying their hands at USA hotel casinos are simply outstanding. If you are feeling like confused about the top casino hotels in USA that can provide you with affordable USA casinos deals then you can take the help of USA casino directory or USA casino guide. The USA casino directory will help you locate the top rated casino hotels in USA with luxurious stay facility. You can also use it to find trustworthy casino sites, interesting gaming variety, casino offerings, pay out rates and much more.
A large number of USA casinos are there but if you are interested to know which ten are the most efficient and popular, HotelCasinosDirectory is bringing you a list with a precise description on each.
1. Mirage Casino and Hotel:
This USA casino hotel is located in the center of the Vegas Strip and gives players facilities like breakfasts, dinners as well as free casino bonus offers to try out the slots. The gamblers are definitely going to enjoy in its vast gaming area of 100,000 square feet.
2. Borgata Casino:
The Borgata Casino is one of the top call casino hotels in US. It is situated in Atlantic City and offers the best casino experience in New Jersey. This casino is mainly designed to stir up the atmosphere and it is serving its purpose quite efficiently. This high spirit casino offers a wide variety of casino games and daily poker events.
3. Caesar’s Palace:
This innovative casino hotel has a magic touch of the Vegas eccentricity which gives the players an exotic feel and it has great entertainment facilities like bars, shops and restaurants for the sheer joy of the gamblers.
4. Wynn Las Vegas:
It is another popular casino hotel that appears in the top ten list. It has everything starting from luxurious atmosphere, surroundings and high standard casino play outs to give gamblers an unforgettable casino experience.
5. Monte Carlo Casino and Resort:
This is the incredible casino that has made Las Vegas the most popular gambling destination in United States. It has lavish and glitzy surroundings. So, players can enjoy a huge variety of games plus a high class betting experience.
6. Bellagio:
This is another plush size USA casino hotel located on the popular Strip in Las Vegas. It draws the attention of tourists due to its sophisticated game tables, spacious hotel rooms and electrifying betting experience etc.
7. Peppermill:
It is a really impressive casino hotel in Reno, Nevada. It is committed to satisfy the gaming desire of players and give them the food and entertainment they want.
8. Tropicana Casino:
This USA casino in Atlantic City is famous for its loose slot machines where thousands of players made it big. It has a lot of game varieties that players can choose from.
9. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino:
True to its name it is grand and spacious. With about 4000 video poker and slot machines and more than 50 blackjack tables to select from, players are going to enjoy their stay here.
10. Foxwoods Resort Casino:
This casino hotel in America occupies a special space in the list due to its large size. It has the largest bingo hall, dozens of poker tables and thousands of slot machines.

The Biggest Hotels in the US

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Four of the five largest hotels in the United States are located in Las Vegas. America’s biggest hotels are marvels of innovation and infrastructure and employ staffs of thousands ready to cater to the whims of visitors at any moment. These grand American hotels represent largess not only in size and capacity but also in luxury and grandeur.

MGM Grand Hotel

The MGM Grand is home to four 30 story towers that house over 5,000 guest rooms. The hotel’s “Signature” tower is a non-gaming, non-smoking wing comprised of over 500 suites, most which are outfitted with private balconies. The complex is also home to an 800 seat theatre, 20 restaurants and six night clubs.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Luxor Hotel

The Luxor is home to over 4,000 rooms ranging in size from standard to premier suites, each of which is inside the establishments pyramid construction. Luxor also hosts a rotating schedule of performances from the world renowned Cirque du Soleil, which has permanent residency at the hotel.

Luxor Hotel and Casino
3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hilton Hawaiian Village is located on 22 sprawling beachfront acres in the heart of the city. Boasting nearly 3,000 guest rooms, the hotel is home to 20 restaurants and a full service spa. A The 5,000-square-foot family activity pool is also located on the grounds.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa.
2005 Kalia Road
Honolulu, HI

Palazzo Resort Hotel

The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas boats over 3,000 guest rooms. The facility is home to over 50 retail shops and a 40 foot high rock climbing wall. The smallest rooms available at the complex are a sprawling 720 square feet. All rooms at the facility feature flat screen televisions in the bathroom.

Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino
3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Paris Las Vegas Hotel

The fifth largest hotel in the US is the Paris Las Vegas, boasting just under 3,000 rooms. The facility is also home to a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, which rises 460 feet above the city. The complex is also home to two shopping promenades which are home to over two dozen specialty retailers.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard Sout
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Regulations for Hotels

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Hotel regulations enacted for the safety of guests date back to the Medieval era, when innkeepers regularly collaborated with brigands to rob guests. Federal and common law seeks to provide a safe environment for guests and protect them from discrimination, while not penalizing hotels for guest negligence.


The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that all hotel public and common areas be accessible to disabled persons. Hotels must provide a certain percentage of wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms with roll-in showers in accordance with ADA accessibility regulations.


Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits refusal to provide accommodations on the basis of an individual’s race, religion or national origin. Hotels are also subject to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which prohibits paying lower wages to women for the same work that their male counterparts perform.


Hotels are responsible for providing safe accommodations for their guests under common law. Hotels can be found liable for damages resulting from safety hazards if a court rules that reasonable inspection of the property would have revealed them. Hotels aren’t liable for damages caused by their guests’ own negligence.

Dynamic Packaging for Travel and Hospitality Industry

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The concept of Dynamic Packaging is to bundle all the components chosen by the aspiring traveler and create one reservation. Regardless of where the inventory originates, the package that is created is handled seamlessly as one transaction, and requires only one payment from the consumer.

To a traveler, there is nothing better than a one stop shop for his traveling needs. The Dynamic Packaging Engine uses a travel component inventory and prices. Regardless of where the inventory originates, the package that is created is handled seamlessly as one transaction, and requires only one payment from the consumer. It automatically applies rules defined by the suppliers and the travel marketer to build and price travel packages. This package configuration process determines which components are used, what combinations of components are allowed or required, and handles inclusions such as taxes, fees or additional package features. Rules also determine how the final retail price is computed.


A typical dynamic packaging application will need the following capabilities:

1. Search and Availability

2. Memberships

3. Shopping Cart

4. Booking and Reservations

5. Payments

6. Cancellations


A traveler always seeks a destination. Even though he may well be aware of where he needs to go to, he will search for the most appropriate place to stay and enjoy his visit. The search starts with a Transportation and Travel components, Hotel Property, Leisure Components. The search therefore has to be divided geographically to include destinations and neighboring destinations that meet the search criteria. An example search could be travel to New York City, stay at Stamford, Connecticut, Golf at upstate New York. Clearly the Dynamic Packaging engine needs to know the dates of travel, from and to destinations, closest airport to hotel, rental car or other desired ground transportation from selected airport to hotel and access to tee times at the neighboring golf courses. Like the traveler, businesses also seek travel related information.

Travel Agents, Call Centers, and Meeting Planners need packaged information on behalf of their clients. Such a search is riddled with rules and complexity. Besides, the customer needs to have choices that can vary from comfort to price and everything else in between.

1. Proximity: The search uses parameters that can narrow down possibilities yet offer extended possibilities. In our search example, Westchester Airport would have been the best choice. La Guardia airport would be an ideal choice. JFK and Newark and Teterboro are the next choices from a distance to Hotel point of view.

2. Fare and Rates: The traveler will look for the best fare. In our example though Westchester is close to the hotel, offers limited Airlines and perhaps not the best fares. Some fares maybe very attractive, however when it comes to flexibility and cancellation they are not the best. Flexibility of change, penalties associated with change and cancellation are important factors to include in the search results.

3. Travel Times: That’s another important factor for the business traveler. How many flights are there to the airport and at what intervals. Check in times and total time to travel also helps in determining his choice. Therefore non-connecting and connecting flights with layover times need to figure in the search.

4. Accessibility: Another key factor often not paid attention to is accessibility. Physically impaired travelers, people who need meals on a flight, wheelchair access, and quick access to rental cars or trains or ground transportation play a very important role in travel. Do the hotel(s) have wheelchair access? Is it possible to get ground transportation to destined hotel that has wheelchair access?

5. Amenities: Does the hotel offer standard amenities like restaurants, swimming pool, health parlors, spa, fax and printing, broadband Internet access etc? Similarly does the rental car come with GPS, insurance, inter state travel? Does the Golf Course allow only cart access? Are ski rentals available near the resort? The inclusion of amenities in a search result ensures the traveler is not in for surprises at the first lap of travel.

6. Prepackaged: You want to travel, stay in a semi luxury hotel, play golf, why search for each individually. A prepackaged deal would also be more attractive than customizing the travel. Perhaps cheaper.

Travel should be far from being hostile. It is after all a home away from home. A home is a pivotal source for living and entertainment. One uses the home and its peripheral surroundings to make the best of living. The travel destinations and the mode of travel should be as non hostile and as hospitable as is possible. A dynamic packaging should offer a wealth of choices to the traveler yet not inundate the traveler with so much information that he/she is nervous wreck at the end of an itinerary creation.


From the above description one can determine who the obvious actors are in this case.

1. The Traveler

2. GDS (Airlines and Hotels Rate Distribution)

3. Airlines

4. Car Rental Companies

5. Hotel Central Reservation

6. Tour Operators (Buses, Ground Transportation)

7. Proprietary Aggregators (like Golf, Ski etc.)


The Dynamic Packaging should be capable of extending the services for business-to business operations. Which would imply that our actors now are?

8. Travel Agents and Meeting Planners

9. Call Center Agents.


The key item in dynamic packaging is the Shopping Cart. The results of search can be selected and added as line items in the shopping cart. It bundles all the components chosen by the traveler to create one reservation. This shopping cart based vacation builder allows comparison shopping of packages that can include plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, insurance, attraction tickets and other features. Regardless of where the inventory originates, the package that is created is handled seamlessly as one transaction, and requires only one payment from the consumer. It automatically applies rules defined by the suppliers and the travel marketer to build and price travel packages. This package configuration process determines which components are used, what combinations of components are allowed or required, and handles inclusions such as taxes, fees or additional package features.

4 Fashionable Styles With Men's Leather Jackets

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When you head out to the market, you will be surprised to find the variety of clothing options available these days. There are infinite styles and colors in most types of clothing. You could buy all of them if you had a king-sized closet and a millionaire dad, but since most people don’t have both and prefer to be smart while selecting which clothes to buy for their daily wear, it is best to mix and match articles of clothing for a unique look. One of such articles is leather jackets for men.

Men’s leather jackets can go with gloves, boots and trousers to give you a model-like look. Here are a few styles that you can try to pull off with your leather jacket.

1) Classic Dark Blue jeans and Black jacket: One of the oldest styles of matching clothes to get a handsome look is matching blue jeans with a black jacket. By old, it doesn’t mean that this style has come from the middle ages. This style is a biker’s favorite and has been used for more than a decade. The dark colors complement one another, earning you everyone’s admiration. As both leather jackets and jeans are tough clothing, they are mostly worn together for hiking and road trips. For footwear, black boots would give a perfect biker look. Even brown boots would look good with dark blue jeans and a black jacket.

2) Light blue jeans with light brown jacket: Light colors also look good on some people. Light blue jeans with a light brown leather jacket are a beautiful combination for men who have light brown hair. Brown flight and bomber jackets also look great with light blue jeans especially during winter. These colors are also ideal for men during summer because the scorching heat can be unbearable on the road.

3) Black jeans and black jacket: Unlike blue jeans, if you mix black jackets with black jeans, you will get a bad boy look. Add a black belt, and you will get an even more dashing look. These are ideal for tall men with fair complexion. The same colored jeans and jacket give a ‘one-piece look’, and displays a man’s height in a very attractive way. Hollywood movies and TV shows are full of entertainers who wear black jeans and jackets. This style was popularized by movies like “The Matrix” and personalities like The Undertaker the wrestler.

4) Dark blue jeans and dark brown jacket: This style owes its popularity to Hugh Jackman’s ‘wolverine’ character in the X-Men movies. This combination gives a great look, especially to men with dark brown hair. Dark brown boots also go well with these clothes.

Matching clothes sensibly is a great way to dress up for the road. Apart from those mentioned above, there are numerous other ways to match men’s leather jackets with the rest of your clothes. You can also make combination with belts, boots, leather gloves and leather coats. The possibilities are infinite; all you need is creativity and fashion sense.

Yosemite is a California Travel Treasure

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Roughly 175 miles from San Francisco, San Jose or Sacramento and about 300 miles from Los Angeles, Yosemite National Park affords a California vacation experience you’ll never forget. If you’re traveling here from out of state, the closest airport to the park can be found in Fresno, which is about 55 miles from the park’s southernmost entrance (near Oakhurst).

While you’ll find unparalleled opportunities for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and fishing here, you won’t be disappointed even if your tastes tend more along the lines of “civilized” activities like photography, learning about the valley’s cultural history and enjoying gourmet meals at the magnificent Ahwahnee Hotel.

If at all possible, plan your trip during April or May. In addition to missing the summer visitor onslaught, these months typically offer incredible wildflower and waterfall displays. Fall is also a good time to visit, especially if you enjoy trout fishing (September through December is peak season). Most of the park’s trees are of the evergreen variety, however, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect a terrifically colorful autumnal show.

In the winter months, you may enjoy skiing at Badger Pass, California’s oldest downhill skiing area. Be sure to keep apprised of driving conditions, however, as chains may be required. Highway 140 through Mariposa offers the lowest-elevation route into Yosemite Valley, and it is the least likely to be affected by snow and ice.

If you visit in June, July or August, be sure to pack some extra patience, as it is typically extremely crowded during the summer months, especially on weekends. Actually, plenty of patience and keeping apprised of conditions are good ideas for any Yosemite visit, no matter the season.

A free shuttle bus system operates year-round in the valley, and visitors are encouraged to use this system since parking at several park destinations during the peak season is often nearly impossible to find. The shuttle system is free (included in the park entrance fee of $10/person or $20/car at the time of this writing; see the National Parks System site for more details). It is also pleasantly open air and easy to hop on and off.

Even if you’re just visiting the park for a day, some other things you may want to add to your “to pack” list:

  • An extra memory card for your digital camera or extra film
  • Plenty of battery power for your camera
  • Sunscreen (frequently apply SPF 30 or higher throughout the day)
  • Plenty of water for everyone in your party
  • change of clothes (shorts/slacks, t-shirt/sweater, socks) for variable conditions

A “don’t miss” feature of Yosemite National Park is its Giant Sequoia groves. There are three separate groves: the Mariposa, Tuolumne and Merced. The Mariposa Grove is the most popular and is the largest, too, containing about 500 mature trees. (Giant Sequoias are also known as Sierra Redwoods, but should not to be confused with the Coastal Redwood found in a separate range along the state’s coast.) There is limited parking at the Mariposa Grove, and you should plan your visit for either early morning or mid-to-late afternoon. During summer months and spring and fall weekends, the Grove parking lot is usually full by 10:00am, and parking often doesn’t open up again until after 3:00pm. A free shuttle bus runs from the Wawona Store to the Grove during the peak summer season.

Taliesin West – Home Design in the Desert of Scottsdale

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There are a number of reasons that Scottsdale, Arizona homes, land and real estate are so highly sought after by families. Here’s one: there’s so much to do, whether your lifestyle leans towards indoor luxuries or outdoor amenities.

For example, internationally renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright came to Scottsdale in 1937 and purchased what was then barren real estate. Designed as his personal winter home, studio and architectural campus, he built Taliesin West in the lush high Sonoran desert directly in the shadows of the McDowell Mountains in northeast Scottsdale.

Wright created a new form of architecture and established a legacy that still draws visitors from all over the world to Taliesin West, which is a living laboratory of Wright’s ideas. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has made many renovations to Taliesin West over the years, giving guests the opportunity to view Wright’s private home which has been restored inside and out to its original appearance.

Ranging from one to three hours, tours of Taliesin West are offered on a regular basis, allowing visitors to experience firsthand Wright’s heralded ability to integrate indoor and outdoor living spaces. Depending on the tour you select, you can visit the Cabaret Theater, Music Pavilion, Kiva and Frank Lloyd Wright’s office, all of which are linked by dramatic terraces, gardens and walkways overlooking the rugged desert and the valley below. Knowledgeable guides explain how the site relates to the surrounding desert real estate and provide a general overview of Wright’s philosophies and theories of design. Twilight tours are offered during select months, providing sightseers with the extraordinary opportunity to view Wright’s one-time home in a nighttime setting when the desert masonry structures, lighted from within, appear as sculptures.

According to the Scottsdale Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Wright’s vision and influence are seen throughout Scottsdale, including at one of Scottsdale’s premier resort properties, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa. This luxurious resort enjoys a history filled with Hollywood celebrities as well as an architectural past linked to the Wright legacy. Representing the cosmopolitan side of Scottsdale with its clean lines and minimalist approach, the property was originally designed by architect Hiram Hudson Benedict, a protégée of Wright. What makes it even more unique is the fact that several stunning private homes are snuggled just steps away from the resort’s front doors.

Vernon Swaback, a former student of Wright’s, also has left an indelible mark on Scottsdale’s real estate landscape. He spent more than two decades studying and working at Taliesin West and over the years has been involved in the design of award-winning hotels, office buildings, recreational facilities and custom homes throughout the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix metropolitan area.

Green Construction is the Newest Trend in Home Building

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The green revolution is slowly but surely taking root in the construction industry like in all other arenas of modern life. Today world awareness of global warming and environmental issues becomes common knowledge and all around the world people are starting to act on this very critical problem in many ways, and as we shall see, the most immediate way to adapt good “Green Habits” is at our home. We don’t need to go out there and fight with all the big destructive “Red industries” such as the petroleum industry, to save our precious planet, but rather we can do it quietly yet effectively with green design and construction of our home. More then ever the old saying “charity begins at home” proves to be right, only now a days this charity can have far reaching ramifications that can benefit also our big home – our planet.

Green construction will become the convention as more and more ecological regulations and laws supervising the industrial sector are mandated. The cities of the future will be completely self sustainable in terms of energy consumption, and architects will need to follow strict green design and construction criteria. As a matter of fact, most of the technology for environmental friendly construction already exists and it is only a question of time until we see it being implemented on a regular basis in home and building design.

General contractors too will need to reassess their approach to home improvement and remodeling, putting Eco friendly concepts on green construction to use on every job they do. For instance, recycling of old materials from the job site is completely easy to do with huge benefits to the environment in terms of waist control and reduction. Builders and general contractors only need to do a small attitude revision and a little learning to upgrade and take part in this global change of going green.

The industrial revolution that started 150 years ago brought advances but also marked the beginning of dangers down slope to the environment. Now is the time to start using technologies that can work harmoniously with the wonderful world we live in without compromising our quality of life. Smart green design and construction is the way to go and general contractor and re-modelers as well as home owners are obligated to consider how to implement green construction technologies and products on every remodeling project, small or big!

Fast Money Recap – Earn Through Online Jobs

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Now is the time for a fast money recap. Do you think that you can really make fast money through online jobs like marketing, selling, advertisements, surveys and other labors? You may be right but you really have to know the right skills and how to apply them to ensure that you get that money without leaving the comfort of your home.

The possibilities of earning money through online ventures are quite vast. The whole area is quite new and nascent. Everyone is still trying to figure out and explore the endless capabilities. The deeper you get into it more doors open up. So won’t it be nice if a small recap of the fast money is available as a user guide for a new starter? This article may be the answer.

Fundamentals of fast money recap

The first fundamental in fast money recap is to know your skill well. You need to know what you are good at, is it really fast typing, sales, analytic, what is your unique forte. Determining this will allow you to play to your strengths and discard the opportunities that may not truly add value to your business proposition. Understand that the possibilities are endless. Hence there is no rush, take your time and then get into what you are best suited for.

Another thing to remember is to pick and choose your medium to be available online. Do you want to have your own website, blog or you would simply like to leverage the social networking site. Having your own website works the best since you will also be able to leverage the benefits of affiliate marketing. The cost of hosting a website and developing one is not very high while the benefits are worth a lot. If you are serious about making money online then you must invest in a website, which is the second point in fast money recap.

Basic business sense is necessary

The smaller fundamentals may be quite a lot, but it is sufficient to say here that it pays to remember the basics of business sense. Ultimately whatever we are doing is to make money. Hence the traditional methods of using prudence and good financial management and business sense are not going to harm anybody. Keep this in mind and you would not need to refer to any other fast money recap anywhere. Build your business on solid ground and get ready for excellent returns.